This is me

My name is Ronald and opened my eyes in 1973. With these eyes I have been looking at the world with great interest. I was the first born to my mom and dad and 4 years later I was joined by my sweet sister. I have always been intrigued by photography and photos. My dad used to develop his own photos. I remember being in the dark room with him when he was developing his images. For some reason, I can’t figure out why, I never acted on my interest in photography.

At 21 I joined the Dutch Army and in the army I picked up my passion for traveling because I was seeing so much of the world, going on exercises all over Europe. The Army paid well so I travelled to Australia and New Zealand and many other beautiful places, and I just loved every second of it. However, at that point I still didn’t have a proper camera. I shot all my travels with a point & shoot Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3.

Semmick Photo

In March 2011 my brother in law visited me in Ireland and he had Adobe Lightroom with him. I don’t know why, but he had it with him.  He showed me some stuff in Lightroom and I was blown away. I had no idea this easy photo editing was possible and I was in awe. Completely intrigued by this software I started working on some of my old photos and posting them on Facebook. Of course my friends and family were impressed, that’s what they do. But I felt something was missing and in the mean time I had learned about RAW images. Only problem was that I didn’t have a camera that could shoot RAW format photos. So short after my BIL visited me, my parents came to Ireland and my dad has a Canon 40D. On a beautiful sunny spring day we went to the Wicklow Mountains and I took a few RAW shots, so I could work on them in Lightroom. I just had to see the full power of this program. The image I shot that day, finally made me realise I just had to get a DSLR, no matter what, but I was going to become a photographer.

Wicklow Mountains

I just had to get a DSLR, no matter what, but I was going to become a photographer

Kick Off

Short after their visit my parents bought me a second hand Canon 450D body for my birthday. I purchased the 18-55mm kit lens off eBay. For a year I just took photos, and in March 2012 I started searching the internet looking for ways to sell my photographs, I submitted 10 images to Shutterstock, and on my second attempt I passed their test, and the rest is history… but I’ll tell you anyway. After 4 months of shooting for stock I decided to start selling my images as fine art as well, or at least sell images for on your wall, instead of solely for stock. In July 2012 I started selling my work on Alamy and opened my account at Fine Art America and have been fairly successful with a small portfolio. I sold my first ever image on March 15, 2012  via 123RF and received $1.74 royalty and a few months later I had my first freelance assignment from a client in Dublin.

Stadium De Kuip in Rotterdam - Home to Feyenoord

I sold my first ever image on March 15, 2012 via 123RF and received $1.74 royalty

Since March 2012 I have built up a portfolio of around 1,800 commercial images and art work and sold 15,000 licences and sold 33 printed artworks to date (May ’14). My work has been used on book covers, lawyer firm website, by insurance companies, for a UCLA course, a Windows 8 quick start guide and many more commercial uses.

Going Pro

So by now we can establish that I have a big passion for photography and travelling, two hobbies which go very well together. I am a photography enthusiast, a light seeking nut. I upgraded my kit to a Canon EOS 6D + Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM. Now I am a stock and freelance photographer creating images and artwork semi-professionally since 2011. I offer a variety of images including landscapes, urban scenes, candid people and concepts. I shoot for stock, print on demand and do freelance work upon request. Recently I have joined a new project called TripShooter. This is a new initiative that allows you to hire a local photographer on your holiday destination and take professional photos of you and your adventure. Semmick Photo is a hobby that turned into a professional passion for photography and its vast and unlimited possibilities to express vision and capture moments in time!

What Others Say

Here is what colleagues, clients and friends and family have to say about me and my work:

“By learning to capture the landscape photographer’s best friend, the light, Ron has elevated his images to a place beyond ordinary landscape photographs.” ~ Mike Norton – Photographer @ 
“I have the pleasure of knowing Ron for some time now and the professionalism and passion for his craft are unsurpassed in my opinion and it shows in the quality of his work. It is a real pleasure to work with Ron” ~ Rudy Umans – Photographer/Consultant @ 
“As a photographer Ron is both dedicated to the art of photography and imaginative. He also strives to find perfection in his work.“  ~ David P. Smith – Photographer @ 
“Ron brings everything you could want from an image: beauty, inspiration and brilliance. He brings everything you could want to the piece. I’ve worked with Ron on two covers for my Tuatha series. We have five more to go and I can’t wait to see each and every one of them.” ~ D. VonThaer – author of the best-selling Tuatha series –
“Immensely creative, always ready to learn new things and a very positive outlook” ~ Santhosh Kumar – Vector Artist
“A rare talent with a special gift, a witty warm friendly man”  ~ Barry Barnes – Illustrator @ Shutterstock
Kelly: Sublime, eloquent and captivating
Bly: Talented photographer with a keen eye who is able to elevate photography to art
Hilde: Thinks and looks outside the box, that’s what makes every picture special and unique
Gail: Always talented art in a photograph
Gus: Experimental, conceptual, willing to take risks and break from the status quo
Randy: Insightful, witty, and tack-sharp
Wouter: Technically good. Exceptionally creative. Humorous. Inquisitive.
Noël: Staggering visual captivating creativism
Semmick Photo logo

Semmick Photo logo

Updated May 2014