TripShooter – No More Selfies

i-L2bwMWtWell, another blog entry and so soon after my last one. What a treat! Thanks for sticking around. Today it is all about TripShooter. A concept by Jade and Bertrand Maitre, a French-Australian couple living in the heart of Paris.  Jade and Bertrand have a passion for travel and an even greater passion for beautiful images.

Who are Jade and Bertrand?

Jade and Bertrand have spent 10 years travelling around the world, lived in many places and captured every moment with their cameras.  Jade and Bertrand consider themselves very lucky to show that passion in their photography work, photographing and curating for individuals and companies all around the world. For many photographers photography is their life, and it is no different for  Jade and Bertrand. It is their drive to tell stories, seize moments, and inspire other people with their images. And like most people, including me, during their travels,  they love to create memories and share them with friends and family. It all sounds really familiar if you are a photographer. 


For me it all comes down to my motto:  Semmick Photo is a hobby that turned into a professional passion for photography and its vast and unlimited possibilities to express vision and capture moments in time! And that’s exactly why I understand their passion. Photography is a wonderful medium to create memories and capture those precious moments. So it is obvious that when Bertrand contacted me if I wanted to join TripShooter as in-house photographer, I didn’t have to think twice. It was this image that Bertrand bought on Shutterstock for the website, that lead him to my own site, and then he contacted me.



So what is TripShooter, might as well answer this question, after all, it’s what this blog is all about, isn’t it now! The tagline covers it pretty well: Professional Photos of You on Vacation. With that in mind, TripShooter offers you the chance to have your unforgettable travel moments captured by a network of experienced, talented photographers all around Europe. Using a TripShooter Photographer allows you to relax, enjoy the moment and most importantly… go home with stunning vacation images featuring … you.

At TripShooter they worked hard to bring you the best photographers in the region. They are exceptionally talented, friendly and professional. They have intimate knowledge of their cities and will lead you to the best on-site locations. The photo shoots are tailored to fit your mood and style. TripShooter is fun, affordable and easy to organise. And yours truly is one of the TripShooter photographers based in Dublin.


I was able to ask Jade and Bertrand a few questions, so here is a mini interview with J+B:

RB: You run the site with your wife. Did photography bring you two together?

J+B: We are partners in life and in business. We have known each other for over 10 years. We are blessed with 4 lovely boys under 5, including a pair of twins. Photography is our life – we seek to tell stories, seize moments, and inspire. We want to share our passions with our kids. We always thought that children should be an incentive to discover the world so in the last few years we’ve taken them to Australia, China, Brazil, USA, Japan, Fiji and France. We are advocates of slow travel, so we have plenty of time to enjoy life and take beautiful photos.  Our 5-year-old has claimed one of our old SLRs and is showing a strong interest in capturing his vision of world.

RB: When did you come up with the idea for TripShooter? What triggered the idea?

In 2013, we spent 4 months in Brazil. Jade was working on a new novel and I wanted to learn Portuguese and spend more time with the children. While we were there we enjoyed taking some photos but we were frustrated not to have more shots of all of us together. That’s when we had the WOW moment… Why not build a network of experienced, talented professional photographers who would capture a traveller’s best moments? We did some research and realised that this service was only mostly offered by individual photographers but no-one was federating them into a professional community. A few weeks after having had that idea we decided to move to the most travelled-to city in the world, Paris, to launch TripShooter. This is where we still are… until TripShooter takes us somewhere else.

RB: How long did you work on the concept before it became what it is today?

J+B: It took us about 100 days to go from the idea to an operating business. We are both working full-time on this project and we are now focusing our efforts on spreading the word and looking after our growing customer base.

RB: How many cities are covered by TripShooter?

J+B: More than 1 billion people are predicted to be travelling the world in 2014 – a 5% growth from last year. About 50% of the travellers are in Europe, so it is natural for to base ourselves here and working on developing Europe. We have selected the 30 most visited destinations to start with in Europe. We have photographers in most of them.

Bonus question: What is your goal with TripShooter. Where do you want to take it?

J+B: We want to build a new awareness about how great destination vacation photography is. With the growing number of travellers and the importance of images in our society, we see an exciting and bright future for this kind of photography. There are no happier memories than ones of holidays, and having the privilege of helping to capture these moments is just really exciting.


A big thank you to Jade and Bertrand for answering my questions. Personally I think it is a fantastic concept and a wonderful project. I am sure that they will get out of it what they put in. Passion and drive go a long way, and customers will be affected by it in a positive way. I am excited about it, and I will do my best to make it a sounding success.

Going on holiday to  Dublin, Vienna, Salzburg, Paris, Marseilles, Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Lisbon, Aix-en-Provence, Munich, Berlin, Cologne, Rome, Milan, Venice, Naples, Florence, Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza, Mallorca, London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Bruges, Copenhagen, Dubrovnik, Krakow, Prague or Stockholm? Book a TripShooter !! You can book a 30 minute shoot for 12 images, an hour shoot for 30 images or a 2 hour shoot for 60 images. All images are high resolution, high quality, professionally processed images. If you want to get more information on TripShooter and the packages, you can visit the website here

Thanks once more for reading my blog.  The next blog will be about life and living in Dublin.